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30 Day Instagram Content Planner

Instagram is an amazing platform for reaching new fans, following your fans,
and networking. However, unlike other platforms where you can post anything like
Facebook, Instagram requires the perfect aesthetic. If you are like most business
owners than you're probably so over trying to navigate through Instagram. Well
don't worry I've created the ultimate guide to get you prepared for dominating
Monday Motivation is perfect for inspiring your fans. After a weekend you can feel
pretty uninspired to start the week all over again. But a little mental inspiration
can go a long. Pinterest is a great place to find motivational memes and quotes.

Tuesday Tips are the perfect way to showcase your knowledge and skills regarding
your niche. Tips and tricks post can be more effective at attaining new clients
than actual promoting posts.
Wednesday Business Promotions are great way to let your fans know that you
are running a business. Sometimes one of the best things to do to get a client
is ask. If you don't ask you don't get.
Thursday Live is a good opportunity to go over anything that has happened over the
last 3 days. You can talk about milestones, answer questions or ask questions.
The sky is the limit.
Friday Features are awesome ways to network and expand your audience. You feature
someone in your niche or in a niche that connects to yours. Bringing two audiences
together is a savvy way to grow your following and your business.
Saturday Fun Day is a brilliant way of showing a more personable side to you. You
can be as open or not as you choose. From a simple Starbucks drink in your hands, to
full family photo, it's your choice.

Sunday Spiritual is another way to humanize your page. Whether you are religious or
not spirtual posts can focus on your inner being or outer being. Most people
are relaxing with family on Sunday, so these are great days for any family oriented
posts as well.
At the end of the you can choose any of these ideas or rearrange them to your liking.
Here are a list of other post you can choose as well.
•Share a video •Something funny •Daily tip of the day •A book you’re reading
•What gets you fired up? •Someone you look up to •Transformation Tuesday
•Share your brand values •Picture of a place you want to visit
•Behind the scenes of your business, craft or product
Your why •A giveaway •Morning Routine •Photo of your team
•Promote an offer for your followers •Share how you stay organized
•Give a sneak peak of what you’re working on
•Talk about one of your favorite products


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