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Instagram Creator Studio

The new Instagram Creator Studio is here to help you manage all of your Instagram posts, get insights from desktop, monetize your content, and more!

With the new Instagram Creator Studio, creators get access to a ton of new tools and features, including the ability to schedule IGTV videos!

What is the Instagram Creator Studio?This might be the first time you’ve heard of Instagram Creator Studio, but it’s been in the making for some time now!
Facebook is incorporating Instagram into Creator Studio, allowing creators to post, manage, measure, and monetize the content across their Pages and Instagram accounts.

Get Started  First go to Facebook Creator Studio . Create an account or login to your pages through the app. 
How it use Instagram Creator Studio Click here to watch learn everything you need to know about the Instagram Creator Studio.

Add Product Stickers to Instagram Stories

This feature is currently available to approved businesses in these markets. After you've been approved and competed set-up in Shopping in Settings, you can start tagging products in your posts and stories. Before you beginYou must be approved for shopping on Instagram and finished the setup, before being able to add product stickers to your stories. Add product stickers to your Instagram storiesTo add product stickers in your stories: Select a photo or video to upload to your storySelect the product sticker from the sticker traySelect the product from your catalog that you want to featureMove the product sticker to where you would like it to appear on your story. Note: If you would like to edit your product name, you'll change it in your product catalog before adding the sticker. Text color of the product sticker can be changed by tapping the sticker .Share your story For stories, 1 product sticker can be added per story. You can use the sticker with swipe-up, highlights, and…

How do I share a story with my close friends list on Instagram?

Instagram Launches New Close Friends List for Instagram Stories.
The new Close Friends feature allows you to create a group of followers that you can privately share Instagram Stories posts with.  According to Instagram, they created the feature because the way we’re using Instagram is changing. With Instagram Stories, you can express yourself and your brand by sharing everyday moments, but as the Instagram community grows, you might want the option of keeping some stories private for you and your closest friends.

To share a story with your close friends list on Instagram, log into the Instagram app for Android or iOS and then follow the instructions below. You can create a close friends list and share your story with only the people on that list. To create your close friends list using the Instagram app: Tap  in the bottom right.Tap  in the top right.Tap Close Friends.Tap Add next to the people who you want to add to your close friends list. You can also tap Search to search for a frie…

Tag Business Partners in Branded Content Stories

You can use Instagram to promote companies you love and to network with local businesses by promoting their products and services — but for Instagram networking to work, the companies you’re promoting have to know you’re doing it. Here’s a breakdown of how to tag businesses on Instagram and when to choose each method.

This feature is gradually rolling out to select partners and may not be available to you right now. Creators and publishers can tag business partners in branded content through feed and stories in Instagram. To tag business partners in your branded content stories: From Feed, tap  in the top left of your screenOnce you've taken a photo or video, tap the link icon at the top of the screen.Tap Tag Business Partner to search for the business. Please keep in mind that, the business partner must have a business profile to appear in search results.Tap the name of the business you want to tag in your story.
4 Ways to Use Instagram Tag for Businesses 

How do I create a new group conversation in Instagram Direct?

If you'd like to start a direct message to two or more friends on Instagram, you can create a new group conversation.  You can add up to 32 people to your group. Every Member can add members to an existing group. And lastly, you can not remove a member.  You can create a new group conversation in Instagram Direct by sending a message to 2 or more people. To create a new group conversation: Tap  in the top right of Feed.Tap  in the top right.Select 2 or more people you'd like to send to, then tap Next (iOS).Type a message, tap  to select a photo or video from your library or tap  to take a new one.Add optional effects, filters and a caption.Tap Send.

How to Use Instagram Quick Replies in Your DMs

What are Instagram Quick Replies?  Instagram Quick Replies are draft messages that you can create for commonly asked questions or responses. You can “save” messages, so instead of typing out the same message multiple times, you can just insert the “quick reply.”

Go to Settings 
Click Business 
Then Quick Replies
Create your message 
Next Tap Save 
Next Go to your Dms add the group or people you want to send the message to. 
4 Ways to Use Instagram Quick Replies for Your Business #1: Use Instagram Quick Replies to Answer Common Questions  #2: Use Instagram Quick Replies for Your Instagram Giveaways #3: Use Instagram Quick Replies for Customer Support#4: Use Instagram Quick Replies to Stay Engaged with Your Community

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest Checklist

1. Switch to a business account:  2. Verify your website with Pinterest: 3. Enable Rich Pins:  4. Write a profile description using the Pinterest keywords you want to rank for.  5. Create niche specific board titles. For example, “Hair” is not as discoverable as “Senegalese Twist.” It’s important to get specific. The more specific the better. Instead of “hairstyles,” use “Summer Natural Hair Hairstyles.”  6. Choose a category for all of your Pinterest boards. 7. Write detailed board descriptions including keywords. Put yourself in the mindset of the searcher when choosing which keywords to include in your board descriptions. “Avoid keyword stuffing.”  8. Pin both your own content and relevant content from other pinners and websites. Pinterest is meant to be a resource. You’re not …