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How to Rank on Google Maps

How to Rank in Google Maps

#1 You need an optimized website. Google believes
every legitimate business in 2019 should have a website.
Your website is like having a home. And every grown person
should have their own home. Think of Wix like an apartment
and Wordpress like a house. Also your website should have it's own domain. or .com. Having a subdomain like is basically like crashing at a friends house or parents house
in Google's eyes.

#2 You need to have an addressed that has been confirmed by Google. When you register your business with Google they will send you a code that you will input into your account to confirm your location.

#3.You need to have your operational hours completed as well. Google can't suggest your business, if they don't even know if you will be open when the customer get their or not.

#4.You need reviews. Good reviews. It's best to have at least 20 positive. If you can't 20 at least shoot for 8-15.

#5.Build Foundational Citations. This basically means websites that link back to your website. Yelp, Foursquare,, Facebook etc.

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